Troegs Independent Brewery. Hershey, PA

The Lowdown:

Location: 200 E Hersheypark Drive Hershey, PA 17033

Food: Full menu, very eclectic dishes:

Kid Friendly:  No coloring books or a kids menu. However, during the warmer months, I imagine the kids running around the outside patio.

Quality of beer:  Averages 4 out of 5 stars.

Beer to go: Growler fills, bottles, cases, and limited releases available in the gift shop.

What else to drink: Maine Root Sodas, cold jar iced tea, milk, apple juice, and water are available.

After spending about 80% of your last paycheck in Hershey Park, you should drive into Troegs for a tasty dinner and a plentiful assortment of year-round beers and Scratch Batch offerings. The beautiful glass front brewery has a large parking lot and is quite easy to enter and exit from. 

Once you step through the doors the wonderful aroma of hops and freshly brewed beer captivates the senses. The tasting room/restaurant is straight ahead. Off to the right is a gift shop and a beer lab (which looks like the chemistry room in high school).

Outside seating

Upon walking into the tasting room you’ll be greeted by a friendly hostess who gives you a beer menu and invites you to grab a seat wherever you feel comfortable. The bar area has plenty of high top stools and tables. The dining area in the back has lower tables and booths. During warmer weather outside seating is also available.

Everything is cafeteria style.  Once you pick a  seat you can order your beers and delicious food at the appropriate stations.

We decided to order the Fish wrap with fries and Sourdough grilled cheese with tomato soup. We were handed a buzzer and had a short wait until our food was ready. The grilled cheese is an enormous portion, while the fish wrap was loaded with delicious vegetables, beer battered fish with fries and curry ketchup. Very filling!

Once we received our food it was time to shift our priorities to the important part of our journey, the beer! Since we’ve been enjoying IPA’s as of late I decided to order a flight with different IPA’s that Troegs has to offer.

Jimmy hooking me up with a Solid Sender

In the flight we ordered Scratch Batch #276 (Farmhouse Rye Saison), First Cut (American IPA with mango) , Perpetual IPA (American IPA),and  Solid Sender (Pale Ale), Out of these offerings the Farmhouse Rye was the best in our opinion. However, since we’ve been on an IPA kick, we bought a glass of the Solid Sender that our helpful bartender Jimmy poured us.

Artwork everywhere!

After the food and beers we walked around to explore more of the brewery.  Troegs does an annual  contest where they challenge contestants to use anything Troegs has to offer (labels, bottle-caps, etc) to be used in art. Throughout the brewery there is a variety of art inspired by the Troegs brand.

There is also a self guided tour of the brewery that takes you through the fermentation, filtration, and kegging process. All very interesting to learn about (if you’re into that).

Inside the Splendid Cellar.

We then came upon the corner of the brewery which housed three, 20 ft high oak barrels which was called the Splinter Cellar. Inside these barrels is where beers like LeGrave (a Belgian style triple) and Wild Elf (Mad elf aged in the foeders for a year with cherries)  are made.

In the gift shop we found another hidden gem, Java Head Stout Coffee. This coffee is locally roasted by St. Thomas Roasters in Linglestown, PA. It is smooth with just enough flavor blend. I have been looking forward to waking up in the morning knowing I’ll have a pot of this waiting for me.

Troegs offers remarkable beer, great food, and the opportunity for guests to become educated in the brewery industry. Troegs has become one of the major breweries in PA and is a worthwhile destination for those visiting the Hershey area.



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