Tired Hands Brewing Company. Ardmore, PA

The Lowdown

Location: Brew Cafe-16 Ardmore Ave Ardmore, PA 19003 (610) 896-7621

TIred Hands Fermentaria -35 Cricket Terr Ardmore, PA 19003 (484) 413-2983

Beers to Go: Growler fills, both 32 oz and 64 oz. are available as well as special bottle releases and cans (if you can get them).

Kid Friendly: They don’t have a kids menu or anything like that but they are tolerant of the young ones.

In my previous post, I wrote about my brewery experience at Tree House Brewing Company. As I chatted with the staff the asked if I ever went to Tired Hands near Philly. I hadn’t visited it and thought it was crazy that I visited this brewery that was hours away from my house but I hadn’t visited Tired Hands yet. Well, that changed thanks to my wife giving me an early Fathers Day present.

B.b Syndicate and tap list.

Tired Hands has two different locations, both within walking distance from each other. The Fermentaria is a very large, open brewery/restaurant with plenty of tables and a few patio seats. The Fermentaria has a large menu and 12 taps. We started our exploration of the Fermentaria on a Saturday shortly after lunch time. It was very crowded, the host explained to us there was a 45-minute wait due to the large crowd. Apparently, we visited on a day that was filled with families from local college graduations. However, we were able to wait at a high top table close to the main bar. This area did have a server and we were able to order some food and beers while we waited for our table.

We started off our beer tasting with the B.b Syndicate (IPA) and Royal Double IPA made with sushi rice. Both glasses were hazy in appearance and had a nice aroma of hoppiness. The B.b Syndicate quickly became a favorite of ours as out of the beers we sampled. Their Saison and witbier offerings all shared a tartness and almost sour taste to them. Unique and different than what I was expecting.

Appetizers were on the agends for this brewery trip, so we ordered nachos with chicken and a side of fries. The nacho chips were made in house with chunks of chicken and cilantro. Both appetizers were a bit on the small side but still very good. The Fermentaria also had menu options of burgers, salads, and paninis.

I walked around to snap pictures of the brewery itself and some of the strange, eclectic artwork which I feel reflects the owner. This  artwork also reflects in the strange, eclectic beers which Tired Hands has to offer daily. Kumquat Saison and DIPA brewed with sushi rice isn’t exactly a popular can to grab at the local bottle shop. TIred hands beers are mainly available at the brewery.  They have a difficult time kegging for other bars, their website states they are not accepting new clients and are on a waitlist dating back over 2 years. Also, kegs aren’t available to the public. Only growler fills, bottles, and cans (if you can get your hands on them).

After trying a few other beers (which if it wasn’t an IPA tasted sour) we decided to get a 32 oz of the B. b Syndicate. A cool fact about Tired Hands, they will trade out a 32 oz growler from another brewery for one of theirs. The growler they give you has an awesome Tired Hands logo on it with a flip top on it.

A cozy, more intimate Brew Cafe

Next up we walked a few minutes up the road to the Brew Cafe. The beers at the Brew Cafe are not the same as the Fermentaria except for 2, The Hop Hands and The Saison Hands were the same at both locations. The Brew Cafe is more of a small, cozy, intimate setting compared to the Fermentaria. A humongous artistic painting takes up the whole side of the building. Iron artwork ot the Tired Hands brand is right at the front door. Art work from the owner is framed everywhere, as well as art work on the windows on the upstairs windows.

We decided to try another appetizer, so we ordered a bread and butter platter which came with a dash of sea salt and Fennel Pollen on the side. Both restaurants try to  source their foods as local as possible and as often as possible. The bread had a fresh taste to it, as if it were delivered that morning.

As promised, their beer was totally different than the Fermentaria. We sampled the beer on cask, Invisible Font, an IPA conditioned with mangos. Nice aroma and had a semi-sweet taste with very little IPA hop kick. We also sampled the Marmalade Eyes, a Kumquar saison. Intriguing, but not surprisingly, sour also. The best of the bunch we sampled (in my opinion) was the Belew, their American Amber/ Red beer. Very smooth, tasty and easily drinkable. Sadly, I had to trade in my 32 oz Weyerbacher screw top growler for a brand new Tired Hands flip top growler.

The Tired Hands brewery trip was quite an experience. Walking around and experiencing new, funky beers while admiring  (sometime  scary) funky art is a delight for the taste buds and the eyes.


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