Wow, that’s a LONG line….Tree House Brewing Co. Charlton, MA

The new brewery is just ahead of all those people.
Old Tree House Brewery. Yup, those are Porta Potties.

Over Thanksgiving Break, we decided to get away to our favorite resort located in the Western part of Massachusets. Naturally one of the first questions that came up was, “What breweries are we going to visit”? Our last visit to Tree House Brewing Co in Massachusets was ok, but I’ve been following them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and have noticed they are selling WAY MORE beers per consumer than the five per adult we were allowed during the last visit. Turns out I was going to be getting a lot more Tree House than expected this time around.

The pictures on social media do not do this brewery justice. Just pulling into the compound looks like you’re heading to a mountain lodge. The long, winding, uphill driveway takes you into a massive parking lot where people are moving along with coolers on wheels and, surprisingly, dogs. Lots of dogs. Dogs are allowed INSIDE the brewery. Interesting.

Organized chaos.

We luckily found a spot in the upper parking lot and just saw a massive line of people. I mean massive. Once in line, I guessed there had to be about 100 people in front of me. Tree House has the can selling down to a science. Once inside they have a sign telling customers what beers are for sale. They also release this information on Twitter daily. There are numerous registers and plenty of staff there to help the whole process move quickly and efficiently. The staff scans your driver’s license to make sure that you’re 21 and to ensure you don’t hop right back into line and try to buy more. We brought our moms along for the adventure.  Each adult can purchase one case of Tree House beer. Sap, Julius, and Green were the offerings for the day. In all the excitement I didn’t even think to calculate how much 4 cases of beer was going to cost. Turns out I dropped about $390 for beer. That raised my wife’s eyebrow ever so slightly.  She’s fine- don’t worry.

Here is the other rub about the can release days. You cannot buy draft beers while this is happening. At first, I was just slightly pissed because, well, I WANTED TO DRINK THEIR BEER DAMMIT! But, after thinking about it, it makes sense. If they had the taps open for this daily craziness, no one would leave. Hundreds of people at the brewery = craziness. They only tap beers when the line dwindles down to about 10-15 people. Which usually happens at closing time.  Tree House then releases this information on Twitter and, magically, the brewery fills back up,

The Tree House campus is quite impressive. The pavilion is fashioned like something you’d see in the Pocono Mountains. two huge fireplaces are there to keep customers (who are lucky enough to get draft beers) warm throughout the chilly Massachusetts nights. The outside of the building features a koi pond that the kids immediately started climbing around.

This brewery is a beautiful work of art and I do hope we go back soon for more outstanding beers. I’ve never been so happy to stand in a long line for beer, while not drinking a beer. 

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