Funk Brewing Co . Elizabethtown, PA


Puppies, brewery, and barbecue. What a perfect Sunday! We traveled to Elizabethtown to have a puppy meet and greet because we are adopting a pit bull puppy from Pitties.Love.Peace. After two hours of playtime the decision to adopt Brutus was made and, naturally, we were hungry (and thirsty). Lucky for us, Funk Brewing Company was about 10 minutes away right in downtown Etown.

Funk has on-street parking available right in front of their doors. We walked in a few minutes after they opened, found some menus and sat at a  big low top table. The main bar area has a nice stone and brick look to it. The walls in the bar and dining area have funky, 70’s style wallpaper for accent.

The menu at Funk features barbecue, brisket, and sliders which can be either pulled pork or brisket. There is also a kids menu. We opted for Boothy’s Sampler, which featured smoked beef, pork, and chicken served with baked beans and macaroni salad. The kids went with the beef brisket and pulled pork sliders which came with chips and pickles.

We opted for a flight at the bar and, luckily, the choices were full of hoppy, amazing IPA’s. Silent Disco, Mumble (DIPA), Citrus IPA, Babble Imperial IPA, and oddly enough the HAKA Hoppy Brown Ale were all deliciously hoppy offerings. The Silent Disco, Mumble, and Citrus IPA were among my favorites. Since the Citrus was on special at the time for $4 a pint I decided to grab another glass of hoppy, hazy goodness while everyone finished easting.

The other non-hoppy beers in the flight featured Funkenbier Pale Kellerbier, a golden hued beer with notes of biscuts,honey. The Royal Rumble Imperial Baltic Porter was a smooth porter aged for 48 days on Canadian Sugar Maple. It wonders me IPL was also featured, which has citrus flavors upfront with herbaceous complexity. And finally Funk featured Rustle, a Winter Style Lager which has notes of Buckwheat and Honey.


Funk always has events going on at the brewery which make sure just about any time you go in an event for the customer is happening. Various can releases, food specials, and new beers hitting the taps make me (and many others) look forward to going back for more.



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